Friday, May 30, 2014

Momotaro Jeans “Thailand Specials”

Momotaro telah membuat satu event colaborasi di Thailand pada October 2012 yang lalu. And to honor the event they produced two jeans in collaboration with TAKE5. Both were available for Pre-order or for purchase at the event. However you will need to be present at the event due to the fact that you need to pickup your jeans. They will not be available in-store or online. Skarang dah terlambatla...2 design seluar momo ni dah jadi sangat-sangat rare dan harga pun dah sangat mahal.
Momotaro has produced the 0701-MTI and the G007-MTI. Both feature some fine details and of course the great quality that Momotaro can offer. They used their signature pink stichting on the inside of the legs and selvedge denim. Check out the prictures for more details.

 Salah satu design dengan embroderi bendera Thailand di coin pocket.
 Signature pink selvedge.
 Momotaro X Japan Blue X TAKE5.

p/s : setahu Bozzo semua seluar Momotaro dibasuh/rendam dahulu menggunakan air di persisiran Okayama Jepun. Untuk seluar nih tak tau sama M.O. ke tak? Kalau ada yang tau sila la komen. Sama-sama kita kumpul ilmu.
Signature jahitan benang pink.
"Made by Hand, Without Compromise"

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