Monday, November 28, 2016

Cerita - Guide to find correct size!!!

Take the jeans you really like now and measure very carefully.  Write it  down on a spreadsheet and compare with measurments on the listing, Please note  that your used jeans could stretch since you have bought them so bare in mind.

Measure the following:
Measure the waistband –  To do this, place the jeans flat on a surface and measured from side by side and  slightly pulling the waistband while holding the measuring tape.  Note the  number (for example 16 inches) showing on the right side of the tape at the end  of the waistband. Take the number you get and double it (in this example it is a  34” waistband).  . Remember the waistband is NOT the same as someone’s  waist size!  It is just the top opening of the jeans.
Measure the inseam –  To do this, place the pants flat on a surface and measure from where the front  and back meet in the middle under the crotch area put your measuring tape in the  middle of that crossing and run it down the inside of one leg all the way to the  very edge of the hem with just a tiny tug on hem (pulling downward) to hold the  measurement true to form. That number is called your inseam. 
Measure the front rise –  Now it is important that you measure the front rise on the same pair of pants  the waistband measurements came from because the waistband is directly impacted  by the rise measurements – (they go together and can’t be mixed and matched).   Now place the measuring tape under the crotch area (not while you are wearing  them) and measure  straight up the front until you hit the TOP of the  waistband (tug top of zipper area just a bit to get it sized right.
Measuring the opening at the bottom of the hem –  it is important to you, measure the bottom of one leg opening from side by side  laying jeans flat and write that down as your leg opening. To find out how much  it changes on your favorite pants, go to the knee and measure the same way (on  same pants leg), then middle way for the last measurement. That way you will  find out if it is straight, slim, or boot cut .

I hope that you got a lot out of this guide and that it helps take some of the  mystery out of buying jeans online!  Kalau masih tak faham bolehla bertanya bozzo di ruangan komen atau wasap je trus. Insyaallah bozzo akan jawab setahu yang mungkin. Kita belajar sama2.  

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