Monday, December 5, 2016

Cerita - Canterbury of New Zealand

In 1904 three men began making tough woollen garments in a small town in New Zealand. John Lane, Pringle Walker and Alfred Rudkin were English natives turned proud Kiwis. Such was their love for their adopted homeland, they named their company after the area in which they settled - Canterbury. From its very beginnings, this was a brand rooted in the New Zealand soil. Like the Kiwi landscape itself, it was rugged and uncompromising. When the time came to give the company a logo, the founders naturally chose three kiwis. Canterbury was becoming a national institution, a byword for Kiwi qualities of trustworthiness, resilience and hard work. Inevitably, the other great New Zealand institution – the All Blacks rugby team – would eventually choose Canterbury too. Thus began an association that would last for decades and would etch three kiwis not just onto jerseys, but into the folklore of the game.

Canterbury of New Zealand is a UK-based sports clothing company that focuses mainly on rugby football. The company is named after the Canterbury area in New Zealand where the company started to make knitwear. Other than producing rugby kits, the brand is also known for their rugby protective wear such as headgear and pads, and rugby boots. The company also manufactures and markets lifestyle clothing.

Sejarah sala-silah Canterbury.

Carta saiz untuk nanti tak la salah beli dan pakai tak muat. Jangan salahkan bozzo plak.

Peter Chech suatu ketika dahulu semasa menjadi keeper untuk Chelsea dan pecah kepala. Canterbury buatkan khas untuk dia demi manjaga kepala dia yang insuran mahal tu. Tapi tak lama pas tu Adidas buatkan satu untuk dia pasal xnak kalah ngan canter atau sbenarnya takut sponsor beralih hati ke brand dari New Zealand nih.

The brand's tagline is "Committed To The Game". Its logo is the silhouettes of three birds (Kiwis) on three solid circular backgrounds creating the letters CCC; the initials of the Canterbury Clothing Company.

 ps: bozzo adala juga sehelai dua baju canterbury ni. Bukan bundle tp beli baru dulu masa ada butik di Amcorp Mall. Masa tu harga dalam rm350 sehelai. tapi yang bestnya waranti seumur hidup. Pernah sekali masa basuh ada kaler dari baju lain turun. Bozzo bawak sana siap dapat ganti 1 to 1 lagi. Terbaik. Sekarang dah tutup dah butik tu. Bozzo pun tak tau kat mana ada.

*words via canterbury. pictures via google.

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