Saturday, February 25, 2017

LEVI'S VINTAGE CLOTHING Limited Edition LVC 501 XX 1947 Model - Gambar Rujukan

LEVI'S VINTAGE CLOTHING Limited Edition LVC 501 XX 1947 Model

VINTAGE Levi Strauss ULTRA rare EXCLUSIVE 1947 Model is back today and only in a limited edition (100ex.) Very Very Very popular release.... Size: W 33 L 34 One of the very first vintage 501's made. Check out the collaboration... Heavy-weight jeans/detailed. Patch applications. Retail $$$$$ at Japanese after market auctions. Sells over for USD $2500.  Purchased from the Levi's Shinjuku JAPAN's leading denim market. When it comes to denim, Japan is the planet's leading market. The country's infatuation with the utilitarian fabric started with an overall obsession with all things Americana in the 1950's, and thanks to the multi-faceted sensibilities innate to its culture, crafting denim and designing denimwear have become an expertise that inspires professionals and consumers anywhere. It's no surprise that denim brands, especially foreign ones, pull out all the stops to make their mark in Japan as any action is bound to resonate worldwide. There is a community of denim purists who would die before wearing any of these...try this piece as part of an otherwise monochrome outfit to make the most impact.   Product made in 1947's 501XX Brought to you with a smile by Levi's. Ini sebagai gambar rujukan sahaja, bozzo tak jual so jangan mintak pm. Kalau nak juga boleh cari di ebay dengan harga lebih kurang USD1270.00.

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